POLAR PACE CuttingSystem 200

Quite often, people deem the cutting process to be a necessary evil. This is why when making their investment decisions they do not put much emphasis on this factor. But it’s exactly here that an enormous optimization­ potential lies dormant. When a printing house automates its cutting process this will either increase its efficiency or save personnel while keeping the output at the same level. POLAR not only offers a comprehensive analysis to make such potential visible, but also offers attractive solutions for exploiting them.

With its PACE Cutting System, POLAR provides a benchmark in cutting efficiency. An automated cutting system of this kind is able to process up to 45,000 sheets in 60 minutes. This means that a single PACE system easily cuts the material produced by two Speedmaster XL 106 printing presses. The additional costs for this automation pay off after only two to three years. Figures show that it may be entirely worthwhile to take a closer look at the cutting process.

POLAR PACE CuttingSystem 200
Fig: POLAR PACE CuttingSystem 200

POLAR Automation for Cutting Efficiency

PACE is synonymous with automation of the cutting process and an acronym for “POLAR Automation for Cutting Efficiency”. The Autoturn turning gripper and the Autotrim high-speed cutter are the key components of our PACE Cutting System. At least five automatic cuts can be performed this way. Meanwhile, the operator has time to prepare the next cutting ream, laying the foundation for the high quality of the final product. Consequently, the operator works much more efficiently while at the same time the working load is enormously reduced. A real win-win story!

The POLAR PACE CuttingSystem perfectly complements the printing presses that run without interruption in accordance with the principle of “Push2Stop”. PACE forms a part of the Smart Print Shop and is integrated in the printing house’s digital workflow. The key to minimizing set-up times is the well-established and proven Compucut® software. This makes the operation of the Cutting System child’s play while ensuring the highest flexibility. Automation safeguards a consistent cutting quality – 24 hours a day.

POLAR PACE CuttingSystem: Autoturn component
Fig: POLAR PACE CuttingSystem: Autoturn component

Further automation options

For more than 15 years now POLAR automation solutions have been very successful. While PACE focuses on automating the cutting process, POLAR also offers various solutions for preparing the material, such as EasyLoad and Autojog. Our EasyLoad loading aid is the perfect alternative to both, manual and automatic jogging. A gripper system supports the operator when the automatic jogger needs to be loaded and still allows him/her to check the quality of the cutting ream. Autojog, on the other hand, automates the complete jogging process, from separating the untrimmed stack into partial reams and jogging right through to the completely cut ream.

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