POLAR Transomat TRE at the Heidelberg Stahlfolder TX 96.

Positioned directly on the folding machine delivery unit of the Stahlfolder TX 96 folding system, the Transomat unloader ensures consistently high production performance on the folding machine. The operator removes the stack ­of folded sheets from the delivery unit and manually pushes the stack onto the Transomat pallet without having to lift the stack. This is not only much faster, it also relieves the burden on the operator. The stacked signatures are then placed on the pallet automatically – layer by layer.

Up to now, the Transomat unloader has been known as part of a cutting system enabling the productivity of the cutting machine to be increased by up to 50%. However, a wide range of applications are possible. For example, the Transomat unloader can also be used to optimize one-person operation on the Heidelberg Stahlfolder TX 96. This not only simplifies the stacking of the folded sheets, it also ensures the performance of the folding system. The stacked folded sheets come out of the folding machine and just need to be pushed onto the Transomat pallet on level and arranged there. Placement on the pallet is then carried out automatically layer by layer. At a moderate machine speed of 110 m/min, this enables the operator to process more than 18,000 sheets per hour with ease.

POLAR Transomat TRE for stacking folded sheets

POLAR Transomat unloader TRE

The Transomat TRE simplifies unloading of the high-speed cutter or folding machine and optimizes the entire workflow. The products do not have to be placed by hand – an arduous step – and are instead simply pushed onto the Transomat transport pallet. The Transomat then automatically places the material on a pallet. At the same time, the operator can continue to work, which significantly increases the capacity of the upstream machine. Thanks to a format setting that can be made in a matter of seconds on a scale, the setup times are minimal. Work is far more ergonomic because the operator does not have to lift the material.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TX 96

The Heidelberg Stahlfolder TX 96 stands for maximum productivity during folding. The folding system combines two principles to increase performance: oblong format processing and shingled folding. With this innovative concept, 18,000 sheets/h can be processed at a low machine speed and thus maximum process reliability. The result is a completely new level of performance in the industrial folding of signatures. When combined with the palamides alpha 700 hd stack delivery and automatic stacking with the Polar Transomat TRE, the Stahlfolder TX 96 can be operated by just one person. The recipe for success in the Stahlfolder TX 96 is therefore: an increase in performance at the same machine speed thanks to shingled folding and oblong format processing. This raises the performance of the folding machine to the same level as that of the printing machine.

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