POLAR CuttingSystem 200 PACE installed at druckpartner in Essen.

At the drupa 2016 fair, druckpartner decided in favor of a CuttingSystem 200 PACE made by POLAR. Early this year they installed the trend-setting cutting system. A good occasion for the two managing directors, Marco Böke and Michael Matschuck to make a first summary.

“The cutting system has only been in operation for a few months, but we are already able to state that it has totally met all our expectations“, states Marco Böke, one of druckpartner’s managing directors.

“The automated cutting system has not only saved us one operator, but has also allowed us to increase our efficiency. And the best thing is that our operators find working with the PACE machine really good so that the quality of their work has improved as well. It’s the ergonomic design and better working conditions which have produced this added “fun factor” and raised motivation”, adds Michael Matschuck, the other druckpartner managing director.

POLAR CuttingSystem 200 PACE
Photo: Marc König, postpress specialist of HD Germany, Marco Böke, managing director of druckpartner, Wilfried Munkelt, sales representative of HD Germany and Gerhard Florian, plant manager of druckpartner (fr. left to right)

The decision to purchase an automated cutting system originated from the fact that druckpartner’s capacity had reached its limits in the cutting sector.

So they had to decide to either invest in another (i.e. the fourth) cutting system or to replace one of the existing manual cutting systems by an automated version. An additional cutting system would have needed much more space, but also extra staff.

The CuttingSystem 200 PACE made by POLAR was the perfect alternative.

POLAR CuttingSystem 200 PACE

PACE is synonymous with automated and efficient cutting. Automation safeguards a constantly high cutting quality, twenty-four hours a day.

The Autoturn turning gripper and the Autotrim high-speed cutter are the key components of our PACE Cutting System. At least 5 automatic cuts can be performed this way. Meanwhile, the operator has time to prepare the next cutting ream, laying the foundation for the high quality of the final product.

In this way, one single PACE-System can cut the printing output of two presses. In order to minimize set-up times, programs are generated using the well-established and proven Compucut® software. This makes the operation of the Cutting System child’s play while ensuring the highest flexibility.

About druckpartner

In 1975, the founders of druckpartner started their business in a small garage located in Essen. Today druckpartner is a fully-integrated printing company with a workforce of 138.

The line of products ranges from simple inserts, via personalized mailings and up to finished catalogs. A high quality is the major point when producing printed products. The professional team and cutting-edge machine park make sure to successfully implement the creative ideas their customers have. The range of products is complemented by a lettershop, the digital print area and personalized hot-foil finishing, which is an absolute innovation.

In order to ensure the staff’s high qualification for the long term, druckpartner trains three to four young people in various fields of knowledge every year.

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