The market launch of the Heidelberg Assistant at the end of last year marked a new chapter in digital customer support for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) and placed the customer relationship on a new footing.

The company won the Digital Leadership Award for this innovative system and has succeeded in firmly establishing it on the market in just a short space of time. More than 400 users at more than 200 print shops the world over are already using the Heidelberg Assistant on a regular basis and this is set to increase to around 500 by the end of the current financial year.

“Digital management of maintenance operations is becoming an increasingly important success factor throughout the lifecycle of industrial print shops. The Heidelberg Assistant plays a key role in boosting the overall efficiency of these businesses by helping them digitize their communication and service processes,” stresses Professor Ulrich Hermann, member of the Management Board responsible for Lifecycle Solutions and Chief Digital Officer at Heidelberg.


Automated e-commerce step by step

The e-commerce services offered by Heidelberg are providing an ever-increasing level of automation and support for order processes. This is once again based on the customer’s equipment data, which is analyzed in the Heidelberg cloud.

Algorithms with artificial intelligence that predict demand optimize logistics by recommending new supplies should be ordered or even by automatically triggering an order. Anticipating supply in this way is the next logical step in the Heidelberg Push to Stop concept after fully automatic completion of print jobs and will deliver further added value for customers in future Heidelberg Assistant configurations.

Press Release: Heidelberg